GOAL at North Allegheny

Homework Procedure

The  North Allegheny School Board voted on a new Gifted Policy on July 20, 2016. View the  NA board policy.

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College Choices of NA GOAL Students

Follow the links below to see where the North Allegheny graduates from the GOAL program chose to attend college. No identifying information is in the files, just counts of kids attending a particular school.

2016 GOAL Seniors’ College Choices (pdf)

2015 GOAL Seniors’ College Choices (pdf)

2014 GOAL Seniors’ College Choices (pdf)

2013 GOAL Seniors’ College Choices (pdf)

2012 GOAL Seniors’ College Choices (pdf)

2011 GOAL Seniors’ College Choices (pdf)

2010 GOAL Seniors’ College Choices (pdf)