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Local Enrichment Activities

Enrichment Websites and Activities

  • NASA Citizen Science – Want to work on some real NASA science?
  • SciStarter – Find local citizen science projects. The idea behind these projects is that anyone, anywhere can participate in meaningful scientific research.
  • NASA Solve! – Interested in helping NASA solve tough problems? You are in the right place! This one-stop-shop website is where you’ll find opportunities to participate in challenges, prize competitions, and citizen science activities that develop solutions for problems related to NASA’s mission.
  • Great site for girls interested in science and engineering
  • Hoagies’ Kids and Teens – Being Different is GOOD!  Links, reading lists, magazines, smart toys, games and more
  • BrainPOP animated educational site for kids that offer movies and teach about topics in health, science, math, English, and technology
  • – Cool Math Links -games, puzzles, etc. 
  • 4th of July Butterfly Count – North American Butterfly Association, Butterfly Count, 2533 McCart, Fort Worth, TX 76110. This on-going program collects census data on the butterflies of North America and publishes the results. Volunteer participants select a count area and conduct a one-day census of butterflies sighted. Counts are usually held sometime around July 4.

  • Backyard Wildlife Habitat– The National Wildlife Federation’s Backyard Wildlife Habitat program involves volunteers in creating a certified habitat in their own backyard or in their schoolyard. Citizen-Naturalists participate in formal data collecting and monitoring projects to help songbirds, butterflies, and other wildlife.

  • Brain Bashers– A website full of brain teasing puzzles! Whether you like sudoku, cryptograms, paradoxes, or lanugage puzzles, you will need to check out this site.

  • Contest Ideas– Is your child interested in inventing, mathematics, engineering or solving a community problem? Check out this list of competitions from the Hoagies’ website.

  • Figure This!– Figure This! is a website designed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics to raise awareness and increase appreciation for the complex mathematics middle school students are learning. Problems appear in a real-world context and are designed for use with students and their families.

  • Game Star Mechanic –  Learn to design your own video game for FREE!

  • Game Maker 7.0 – A wonderful program that enables students to create their own video games. It is easy to learn, but can require sophisticated programming experience if desired. Although it is free to download from the Internet, a small donation (registration) is suggested on the website to enable the programmer to continue to further develop the program and offer free access to the program. The website contains manuals, tutorials, and sample games.

  • History Detectives – History Detectives is devoted to solving historical mysteries, searching out the true facts (and falsehoods) behind local folklore, family legends and interesting objects. Using traditional investigative techniques, modern technologies, and plenty of legwork, the History Detectives team of experts discovers that artifacts, buildings and stories can give us new (and sometimes shocking) insights into our national history. History Detectives is aired on PBS stations.

  • How Stuff Works – Ever wonder how something works? From plasma screens to convertibles this site explain how and why something works.

  • L Draw: LEGO CAD – LDraw™ is an open standard for LEGO CAD programs that allow the user to create virtual LEGO models and scenes. You can use it to document models you have physically built, create building instructions just like LEGO, render 3D photo realistic images of your virtual models and even make animations. The possibilities are endless. Unlike real LEGO bricks where you are limited by the number of parts and colors, in LDraw nothing is impossible.

  • Mad Sci Network– Inquiring minds want to know. The website includes the following sections: Ask-A-Scientist, MAD Labs, and a library of other resources.

  • Math Forum– A wonderland of math resources to engage both you and your child. Math forum contains resources for parents, students and teachers. Featuring ‘Ask Dr. Math’, challenging problems of the week categorized by level of math, an archive of math questions and answers, articles, and activities you can do with your child to promote a love for mathematics, Math Forum provides access to over 200 volunteer mathematicians who provide timely feedback.

  • Mensa Select Mind Game Hall of Fame– Check out the latest award winning games from Mensa and access the archive list for the past decade. American Mensa Mind Games competition showcases some the newest and best games on the market. Through this event, Mensa members – some of the country’s most avid game players – judge new games on the U.S. market according to a full range of criteria. Game manufacturers and inventors submit the games for judging. Past winners include Taboo™, Magic-The Gathering™, Rush Hour™, and Apples to Apples™.

  • My Hero – Interactive website that encourages visitors to question the qualities that they believe comprise a true hero. Visitors may learn more about great figures and provides a place for students and parents to tell the world about people whom they most respect and admire.

  • Myth Busters – Could Robinhoood really have split an arrow in one careful attempt? Do you really get better gas mileage by riding with your windows up or using the air conditioner? Is it possible to generate enough free electricity to power your house? Don’t attempt these at home, but rather visit MYTH BUSTERS to get your answers safely and ‘scientifically’ answered.

  • National Audubon Society Winter Holiday Bird Count– National Audubon Society, 700 Broadway, New York, NY 10003. The Audubon Society sponsors an annual hemispheric early-winter bird census during which volunteers count individual bird and bird species. Data provides valuable insights into the long-term health of bird populations and the environment..

  • Rubik’s Official Website– Use a three dimensional rubik’s to solve the puzzle. Replay for friends or learn more about the history of Rubik’s Cube.

  • SET & Quiddler– Do you love to play the award winning game SET and Quiddler? Both SET and Quiddler have won the Mensa Select Award as a high quality game. Now you can play a daily game on-line. Check it out.

  • Sketchup from Google– Sketchup is a powerful, yet easy to learn FREE downloadable program from google that allows one to create 2-D and 3-D drawings. Great for a beginner or a professional.

  • UNICEF Voices of Youth– Lets young adults voice their concerns and share ideas about important world issues. Topics of discussion include solutions and actions on child rights, children in war, child labor, and children and urbanization. The website provides activities and problems for kids to solve.

  • Wild Planet Kid Inventor Toy Challenge – Do you love to tinker, create, and design your own new games and toys? If so, you may wish to submit you new toy concept to Wild Planet as part of their Kid Inventor Toy Challenge.

  • Luminari Camp – Pittsburgh-based nonprofit founded to foster activities that broaden minds, inspire innovation and promote community engagement.