Welcome to NAPAGE!

We are trying to arrange a special speaker for January. Check this website for further information in mid-December. Otherwise, we will meet on February 9th. Tentative plans for our spring meetings include presentations on executive functioning and high school scheduling. If you have any suggestions for speakers or topics, please forward them to Lesa Chang

Lesa Chang
NAPAGE President

Mission Statement:
NAPAGE is a parent support/advocacy group. We are the North Allegheny chapter of the Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education (PAGE). PAGE is a nonprofit advocacy group dedicated to helping gifted learners, parents and educators. You can visit their website at www.giftedpage.org for more information.

NAPAGE’s mission is to advocate for and support gifted children and their families in the North Allegheny School District. We accomplish this by:

  • Providing parent representation to NA’s Gifted Advisory Committee (GAC and SEAC)
  • Sharing experiences, concerns and successes
  • Proactively addressing issues that arise
  • Encouraging the use of best practices in gifted education

Our monthly meeting times are listed in the right hand column. Click on the dates to view meeting minutes.

Check out our news page for the 2013 list of where NA GOAL graduates have chosen to go to college!